Collective Action

After the cancelation of a theatrical production by General Security, actors protest by performing their play in the street in Hamra

The cancelation of a theatrical production on Saturday prompted the actors to protest by performing the play in front of the Masrah al-Madina theater in Hamra, where the performance was scheduled to take place. According to our sister publication L’Orient-Le Jour, on Saturday evening, spectators who were scheduled to attend the second and final performance of the musical performance “Tenfiseh” at the theater were informed of its cancellation. The production was suspended because it had not received a permit from General Security, which reviews public theater productions prior to their release. While some alleged that the play was targeted because it reportedly contained language considered insulting to President Michel Aoun, General Security and the director of Masrah al-Medina both described it as a technical issue. However, others pointed out that the system of requiring prior permission from the government for artistic productions is, in itself, censorship.

استكمل فريق عمل مسرحية "تنفيسة" للمخرج عوض عوض عرضه المسرحي في شارع الحمرا، بعد منع دورية للأمن العام العرض في مسرح المدينة، بذريعة عدم الحصول على موافقة مسبقة من الرقابة.

October 2, 2021
Actors/ Mobilising structures: 
Affected group (inc. NIMBY)
Workers group (inc.union, syndicate, etc.)
Multi-organisational field (collaboration, allies) : 
Mode of Action: 
Protest of a policy/ governmental measure/ etc.
Cause/ Grievances/ Framing CA: 
Policy Grievances
Spatial characteristics: 
Location on the Lebanese territory
One off
State response: 


Village Name: 
El Hamra
Local Name: 
Ras Beyrouth