Collective Action

“Take Action” campaign

A comic book, one of a thousand others, was found on someone’s car in Hamra Street, Beirut. It was titled Elections, the Lebanese Way; and on one of its pages, a lady is drawn next to her words: “I wish I can vote for George Clooney instead of all of those candidates.”

Although there wasn’t any author’s name on the small brochure, the back cover read: “تحرّك,” Arabic for “Take Action”.
Further information on that comic, which is one of many other mediums used to raise awareness among first-time voters in Lebanon’s 2018 parliamentary elections, was stated in an interview Annahar conducted with Maher el- Ghadban, Social Media and PublicRelations Officer at Take Action.

“The comic is one of the ‘catchy’ mediums we use to get more people to be encouraged to vote through the campaign,” El- Ghadban said, mentioning that the campaign was created as a result of a collaboration between DPNA (Development for People and Nature Association), LOST (Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training), MARCH, and UTOPIA.

March 22, 2018
Actors/ Mobilising structures: 
Collective / informal group
Mode of Action: 
Online campaign
Revolutionary (seeking radical change across society/ political system)
Cause/ Grievances/ Framing CA: 
Policy Grievances
Spatial characteristics: 
Virtual/ digital


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