An African domestic worker died after she consumed a poisonous substance

وفاة عاملة وسقوط أخرى من الشرفة توفيت العاملة الأجنبية ياه نيكولاس (21 عاماً)، وذلك بعد مرور ثلاثة أيام على نقلها بحالة طارئة إلى مستشفى قرب صيدا وكانت قد تناولت مادة سامة، وفق التقارير الأمنية، في منزل مشغلتها في الغازية. لم تُحدد جنسية الراحلة، ولكن جاء أنها من بلد أفريقي. 


Securing support to Orphans

Aie Serve

Tolerance and respecting differences


Empower Local Communities.

Arcenciel (AEC)

Acting with and for all people with difficulties for the sustainable development of society.

Association for the Development of Rural Capacities

ADR activities are aimed to empower marginalized or disadvantaged individuals, groups, or communities and help them improve their living conditions.

Health Care Society

Providing partial support of surgery cost and hospitalization. Providing free kidney dialysis services for patients with kidney failure.Providing medications and medical supplies for hospitals and clinics in camps.

Development and Cooperation Association

Development and social justice in the marginalized and poor areas.

The Awareness and Consolation Association

Develop local economies.

Popular Aid for Relief and Development

Improve the social, health and environmental conditions of the marginalized and vulnerable groups especially in the Palestinian camps and gatherings mainly through water and sanitation programs, mother and child care.


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