Health Care Society

Goal/Objective: Providing partial support of surgery cost and hospitalization. Providing free kidney dialysis services for patients with kidney failure.Providing medications and medical supplies for hospitals and clinics in camps.

Type of organisation: Local civil society organisation

Sector of intervention: Health, Refugees

Approach: Service provision

Operationality: Beirut, Minieh-Danieh, Saida

Target Population: Palestinian Refugees

Funding structure: International funds and grants

Partnerships/Part of local, regional, and/or international network: United Palestinian Appeal Welfare Association Palestinian Red Crescent Society Beit Atfal Assomoud Popular Aid for Relief and Development UNRWA YMCA


Name of Organisation: 
Health Care Society
Office Type: 
Cornich Al Mazraa
Floor number: 
Fourth Flour
Colombia Center
Cornich Al Mazraa Street