Mapping of Collective Actions in Tunisia

Publication Date: 2019

The mapping of collective actions in Tunisia tracks mobilisations by groups of people whose goal is to achieve a common objective.

Each mapped collective action is based on a typology devised by the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action.

The objective of this database is to explore collective actions by providing accurate data and relevant information on mobilisations happening in the country.

Explore the interactive charts below the table.

Data collection for this mapping is done by the CeSSRA team.

Information sources: Media reports, NGO reports, aid actors reports, as well as first-hand data collected by the CeSSRA team.

Period covered by data collection: December 23rd, 2019 - till present.

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Title Actors / Mobilising structures Cause/ Grievances/ Framing CA Mode of action Objective State response Location Country Datesort ascending
A demonstration was held in Beja (North West Tunisia ) by civil society organisations and informal collectives against the government and Coronavirus measures announced on Tuesday to curb the spread of the virus Collective / Informal group, CSO Policy grievances Demonstration Protest of a policy / Governmental measure Repression Beja Tunisia January 17, 2021
Ship crew employees demonstrate on board a ship owned by the Tunisian Shipping Company to demand better working conditions Workers group: Union / Syndicate, Workers group: Other Corporate grievances, Access to socio-eco rights: Labour rights Demonstration Demands for rights / Services N/A Tunis Tunisia January 16, 2021
Protesters in Kasserine burned tires in protest of lack of jobs and state support Collective / Informal group, CSO Injustice / Perceived injustice Tire burning Demands for rights / Services Repression Kasserine Tunisia January 14, 2021
Injured victims of the 2011 revolution organized a sit-in calling for their official recognition by the state as victims Affected group (inc. NIMBY) Injustice / Perceived injustice Sit-in, Hunger Strike Support of a cause Bargaining Tunis Tunisia January 6, 2021
A demonstration was held by site-workers in response to an agreement reached by the government and the UGTT to resolve their precarious conditions Workers group: Unemployed Corporate grievances, Injustice / Perceived injustice Demonstration Demands for rights / Services N/A Tunis Tunisia December 9, 2020
Healthcare staff held a demonstration demanding urgent reforms in the healthcare sector, and calling on the government to commit to immediately fixing basic facilities in public hospitals. Workers group: Healthcare workers Corporate grievances Demonstration Demands for rights / Services N/A Tunis Tunisia December 8, 2020
Crédif held an online awareness-raising campaign on cyber-violence against women Campaign Corporate grievances Online campaign Support of a cause N/A Online Tunisia October 19, 2020
LGBT activists and CSO in Tunisia protested, amidst hundreds of other demonstrators, against a draft law that would grant security forces legal immunity from prosecution for the use of force Collective / Informal group, CSO Policy grievances Demonstration Protest of a policy / Governmental measure Repression Tunis Tunisia October 6, 2020
The residents of Oulad Nasr, a village in Kairouane governorate, blocked National Road Number 3, demanding access to clean and fresh water Collective / Informal group, CSO Access to socio-eco rights: Basic rights / Services / Infrastructure Road blockade Demands for rights / Services Bargaining Oulad Nasr Tunisia August 10, 2020
An open sit-in was held by the "Union of Unemployed PhD Graduates" calling for the improvement and valorization of their employment status Collective / Informal group, CSO Corporate grievances Sit-in Demands for rights / Services Bargaining Tunis Tunisia June 29, 2020


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