Food Security and Livelihoods

WVi: Food vouchers

Distribution of Food vouchers through WFP. In addition to On-Site Monitoring (OSM), Post-Distribution Monitoring (PDM), Shop Monitoring and Complaint Response Mechanism.


WVi: Hygiene and Baby kits

Distribution of Hygiene and Baby Kits as implementing partner of UNCHR


WVi: Aid distribution

The PDM consisted of conducting household surveys with beneficiaries who received Non-Food Items (NFIs in the form of hygiene kits) and food vouchers as part of WVL's Syrian refugee response in the Bekaa.
The refugees noted receiving many types of assistance, namely food (99.1%), hygiene kits (73.6%), baby kits (30%), mattresses (39%), kitchen sets (21.8%), blankets (18.2%) and cash (4.5%). Refugees who were in Majdel Anjar schools received cooking utensils through the municipality.


WFP: Food Parcel Distributionn

Each month WFP distributes Food Parcels, weighning 42.8kg, and containing mixed rations for a family of five, to newly arrived Syrian Refugees who are awaiting registration with UNHCR. In July 2013 WFP distributed Food Parcels for approximately 39,000 newly arrived Syrian refugees.


WFP: Food Voucher Distribution

Each month WFP distributes Food Vouchers worth US$27 per beneficiary to Syrian Refugees registered with UNHCR. So far in August 2013, WFP distributed approximately US$14m in vouchers to almost 490,000 Syrian refugees.


DRC: Newcomers Programme - Aid distribution

As the leading agency on emergency response with newly arrived refugees in Lebanon, DRC assesses and assists


DRC: Aid distribution

As UNHCR’s largest partner in distribution, DRC provides assistance to up to 200,000 individuals per month through regular
distributions to registered refugees (including winterization up to March 2013). In 2013, DRC has distributed
food vouchers, food parcels, personal hygiene kits, baby kits, blankets, fuel coupons, mattresses and Jerry cans.


SHEILD: aid distribution, referral for registration, activities in community centers

SHEILD – UNHCR Project Targeting Syrian Refugees:
Outreach activities in view of registration. Identification of eligible Syrian cases and referral for UNHCR registration.
Provision of food and non food coupons including hygiene items to registered refugees. (2000 individuals in Nov. and 4000 in Dec.)
Assist households in need for shelter (40 families) as cash for rent assistance.


SHEILD: aid distribution and assistance with registration

SHEILD –DRC Project Targeting Syrian Refugees:
Assessment and profiling of 1000 households of – so far – unregistered refugees.
Distribution of blankets for 1000 unregistered household.
Second distribution upon need for 750 households of non food items.
Assessment and profiling for 500 new arrival households and provide assistance according to need.
Refugees willing to register with UNHCR are provided with assistance and transportation.



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