Since the unrest in Syria began in March 2011, the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon has hosted varying numbers of displaced Syrian families. Local actors such as municipalities and NGOs registered families for assistance received through regional and international donors. In March 2012, UNHCR and partners established operations in the Bekaa in order to support local actors with the increasing number of displaced families. By 11 May 2012, there were approximately 9,000 displaced Syrians registered with local actors throughout the Bekaa region.

Syrian crisis emergency response Lebanon- Bekaa valley Disability and Vulnerability Focal Point project

Disability & Vulnerability Focal Point (DVFP) have been developed based on the observation that one of the greatest difficulties following a crisis is not only to identify and to access to vulnerable people including people with disabilities, but also to accompany them without “losing” during the entire time of the emergency.

The Millennium Development Goals 2008: Lebanon’s report

The report assesses the progress made in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) based on new national data which was formulated after the first MDGR that was published in 2003. The 2008 MDGR highlights efforts towards achieving the goals, and articulates the main challenges and opportunities, as well as put forth recommendations for decision-makers and other concerned stakeholders for achieving the MDGs.

دراسة في التطبيقات القانونية المتعلقة بالحراك حول الجندر و الجنسانية في الأردن

The research will provide better understanding on the legislations and laws that authorities are using to control or oppress any movement or any type of activism on gender and sexuality issues in JORDAN. This research has to identify and retrieve information necessary to support legal decision-making. In its broadest sense, the legal research would include each step of a course of action that begins with an analysis of the facts of a problem and conclude with the application and communication of the results of the investigation. ​

Report The Participation of the Arab NGO Network for Development In the 2nd Moroccan Social Forum

A detailed report on ANND’s participation in this forum that covered the issues of neoliberal globalization and human development, women’s rights, geopolitical changes, democracy and public freedoms, cultural dimensions, environment and sustainable development, migration and the dynamics of the Arab social movement.

Development Reforms in Lebanon

This report constitutes the final publication of the outcomes of the program "Development in Lebanon: Poverty Eradication, Gender Equity and Youth Participation; the Role of NGOs Civil Society and Other Actors". It compiles all the workshops and conferences outcomes and aims at synthesizing the current development concerns and recommendations rasied by civil society actors.

Human Rights Conditions in Lebanon

This publication is a compilation of reports prepared by group of civil society organizations in light of the review of Lebanon under the first-cycle of Universal Periodic Review (2010).The booklet includes the report reviewing conditions of economic and social rights in Lebanon, in addition to a report on the rights of women, rights of persons with disabilities, and the rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.


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