Disability & Special Needs

Regional Guidebook to Improve Disability Data Collection and Analysis in the Arab Countries: Implementing the Washington Group Questions on Functioning

This regional Guidebook explores the different approaches in design, implementation and analysis of disability data collection in the Arab countries, in view of improving the standardization and implementation of the Washington Group Short Set on Functioning and related indicators used to capture data on people with disabilities.

Gender and Disability in the Arab Region: The Challenges in the New Millennium

The study upon which this article is based analyzes the status of Arab women in general, gender relations in the Middle East, and the situation of Arab women with disabilities, based on available disability statistics from a few selected countries and the author's observations during her 13-year living experience in Baghdad, Amman, and Beirut. The status of women varies from one society to another; however, everywhere disability poses additional challenges for women.


UNHCR, coordinating the operations in the North along side with the HRC (High Relief Commission) and DRC as its main implementing partner, requested from DRC to conduct a first rapid assessment in the Bekaa with the following objectives: a) To identify existing areas of displacement in the Bekaa, where displaced Syrians might have fled since the beginning of the crisis, b) To assess the capacities of these areas (or others) to host additional displaced Syrians, in the hypothesis of a larger influx.

WASH Assessment in North Lebanon, Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese households

The overall objective of the assessment was to identify emergency WASH needs and gaps of most vulnerable Syrian refugees and host families in five geographical areas, 4 collective centres and Bab al-Tebbaneh, Tripoli in North Lebanon. The specific objectives of the assessment were to measure the (i) quality of water, (ii) quantity and access to water, (iii) sanitation needs, and (iv) need for hygiene promotion.


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