2009 Elections

Mapping of The Lebanese 2009 Elections

This package includes 3 maps pertaining to Lebanon's 2009 elections: - "confessional-distrib": showing the confessional geographic distribution of Lebanon's population - "election-results": showing the election results in West Bekaa/Rashaya and Metn areas. - "results&voters": showing the sectarian representation of parliamentary seats across Lebanon, the percentage of voters per electoral district, election results, and deputy representation per number of voters

Numbers for The Lebanese Memory

Parliamentary elections of 2009 and the year 2008 in review. The evenings of tuesday and Wednesday, April 7/8 marked the last day to register as a candidate for the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections scheduled on Sunday June 7, 2009. The first candidate to register was Ali Badri Dandash (Shia'a seats allocated to Baalbak and Hermel district) and the last candidate was Mazhar Muhamad Osman (Sunniseats allocated to Minieh and Daniya district). The total number of candidates is 702.

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