Unprotected. Survey Report on The Challenges of The Current Social Protection System in Lebanon Amidst The Crisis.

The Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action
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Nizar Hariri
Socio-Economic Rights Base, Conflict Analysis Project
Livelihoods & Labour Rights
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Study and/or Report

This report analyzes the impact of the multilayered Lebanese economic crisis and its major macroeconomic shocks on the social protection landscape in Lebanon. It aims to examine the social protection mechanisms and effective health care systems and coverages in Lebanon, amid an ongoing social and economic crisis hitting the country since the financial collapse of late 2019. The study is based on a survey conducted between July and August 2022, with a nationally representative sample of 1,327 respondents of Lebanese nationality. The sample was gender-balanced, and it covered 26 districts (Cazas) scattered in all eight governorates. The survey provides social and economic indicators that are instrumental to understand the real impact of the crisis on the Lebanese social protection framework, especially on the predominant contributory schemes (public and private), and to inform evidence-based policies.

The first section of this report draws a contextual overview of the weakening national social protection system in Lebanon, as well as its major trends before and after the financial collapse of 2019. Section 2 shows the major results of the survey regarding the deteriorating social and economic conditions of the Lebanese population and analyzes the impact of the crisis on the social protection system. Section 3 draws the major indicators related to the deteriorating labor market outcomes. Section 4 focuses on the levels and rates of health coverages for the various public and private schemes, depicting the major challenges faced by the insured population. Finally, section 5 draws particular attention to the impact of non-institutional forms of solidarity against the shortcomings of the institutionalized mechanisms of social protection, as well as the gender gaps in social protection.

Social Protection, Social Protection System, Social Security, Lebanon, Health Services, Access to Healthcare, Access to Basic Services
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