A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organisations in Lebanon towards Gender Mainstreaming (En-Ar)

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Lebanon Support
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Lebanon Support
Gender Equity Network, Civil Society Observatory
Civil Society Development, Gender
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Guide and Tools
This Gender Manual is a practical guide for civil society organisations in Lebanon that wish to enhance gender equity in their practices and policies. Far from being exhaustive, this manual contains practical guidelines that can help to both gain a better understanding of gender-sensitive topics, as well as to integrate and implement them in internal processes, action plans, and organisational structures and policies. It is informed by the findings of a series of meetings and consultations with various stakeholders engaged in gender issues. It is worth noting, however, that the guidelines provided in these pages are general, and should thus be tailored and incorporated depending on the organisation’s type, specialisation, and focus.
This Gender Manual is developed by Lebanon Support in collaboration with Diakonia, as part of Lebanon Support’s Gender Equity Network, which is part of Lebanon Support’s Civil Society Knowledge Center. The Gender Equity Network (civilsociety-centre.org/gen) aims to enhance local and national capacities’ access to—and development of—knowledge- and evidence-based research, information, and literature on gender issues and concerns. The manual also falls within Lebanon Support’s Civil Society Incubator, which provides tailored support and mentorship to local civil society and public action initiatives, organisations, and projects.
*This Gender Manual is available in English and Arabic.
Gender Manual, Guidebook, Civil Society Organisations, NGOs, Gender Equity, Gender Issues, Gender Activism
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