Glocalizing humanitarian interventions in Lebanon: A reflexive look into innovative practices in times of crises. A compilation of papers

Lebanon Support
Publishing Year: 
Estella Carpi
Ziad Abdel Samad
Bihter Moschini
Déborah Prati
Feyrouz Salameh
Isabelle Mestre
Madeleine Maxwell Hart
Civil Society Observatory
Refugees, Civil Society Development
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Edited Collection

These papers have been published in the framework of Lebanon Support and Amel Association’s joint call for publications “Glocalizing humanitarian interventions in Lebanon: a reflexive look into innovative practices in times of crises”, and are available individually online on the Humanitarian Knowledge Base project, part of the Civil Society Knowledge Centre. They explore crisis response and humanitarian response in Lebanon by local and international actors, as well as the humanitarian development continuum.

Lebanon, Localising Responses, Aid Effectiveness, Humanitarian Intervention, Local Civil Society, International Development, Aid Distribution, Crises Response, Humanitarian Development Continuum, Crisis Prevention & Recovery
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