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Mapping of migrant domestic workers' deaths

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Ethiopian "Suicide" by Hanging in Antelias

Name of domestic worker: 
Date of death: 
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Cause of death: 
Location's classification: 
Home/Private location

The National News Agency reported yesterday, May 9 2011, the (presumed) suicide of an Ethiopian domestic worker, who was found dead in the bathroom of her employer's office in Antelias, Phoenicia building, first floor. She (presumably) hung herself. She was taken to Abu Jawdeh hospital, and an investigation by Antelias police station is underway.

ادخلت الى مستشفى ابو جوده ، خادمة اثيوبية جثة هامدة اثر اقدامها على الانتحار بواسطة الشنق داخل حمام مكتب مخدومها المدعو (ج.ك.ص)، في انطلياس - بناية فينيسيا الطابق الاول، والتحقيقات جارية من قبل فصيلة درك انطلياس.