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Mapping of migrant domestic workers' deaths

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A Bengali domestic worker hangs herself in Tyre

Name of domestic worker: 
Mossamad Hawa
Date of death: 
Friday, March 1, 2013
Cause of death: 
Location's classification: 
Home/Private location

A 39-year-old Bangladeshi woman was found hanged in her employer’s apartment in the city of Tyre Thursday, the National News Agency said. The woman, Mossamad Hawa, had been living with her employer in the Jal al-Bahr region of Tyre. The NNA reported that the police were investigating the incident.

اقدمت الخادمة البنغالية موساماد حوا (39 سنة) على شنق نفسها داخل منزل مخدومتها في منطقة جل البحر في صور يوم الخميس. وعلى الفور حضرت القوى الأمنية والأدلة الجنائية وفتحت تحقيقا بالحادث.