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Mapping of migrant domestic workers' deaths

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 Domestic worker dies in a presumed suicide

Name of domestic worker: 
Lomina Arina
Date of death: 
Thursday, September 27, 2012
Cause of death: 
Location's classification: 
Home/Private location

Earlier this month, Domestic worker dies in a presumed suicide

12 September 2012 - An Ethiopian domestic worker was found dead in the area of Bsaleem in the Metn district after she had fallen off the roof of a building, the National News Agency reported. 
The report said preliminary results revealed that the deceased 22-year-old worker, identified as Lomina Arina, committed suicide, adding that her body was transferred to the Asharq al-Awsat Hospital. 
A number of domestic workers have been taking their own lives in Lebanon mainly due to acts of abuse committed by their employers.

12 أيلول 2012 - نقلت الى مستشفى "الشرق الاوسط" الخادمة الاثيوبية لومينا ارينا 22 عاما جثة، اثر سقوطها من على سطح بناية اديب حنا في بصاليم - شارع النجاة،  والمعلومات تشير الى اقدامها على الانتحار .