Mapping of migrant domestic workers' deaths

Publication Date: 2016

The map of Migrant Domestic Workers’ (MDW) cases of death documents alleged “suicides” of MDW, which have been a recurring issue in recent years. This map visualises the high frequency and distribution of these cases, and collects information about the reported stories. It aims to highlight the linkages between the kafala (sponsorship) system and the high rates of abuse and deaths of MDW. This map has been developed as part of an active collaboration between Lebanon Support and KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation, and is within the data centre of the Gender Equity Network.

Reporting organisation: KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation
Date of start of data collection: January 2010

Notice: The absence of data is not necessarily an indicator of absence of incidents.
Tips for using our map:
• To view all the incidents that took place in a specific location, first find our location on the map. After clicking on an individual incident marker at the location, click on the location link to be forwarded to its profile. All incidents that took place in that location will be listed in a filterable table there.

• Use the search filters below to filter incidents (you can choose multiple values by holding the Ctrl key and selecting values.)