We Don’t Differ -Ma Mnikhtelef

Amel Association
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In 2010, Amel Association implemented this project in collaboration with the Institute of Islamic-Christian Studies at University Saint Joseph (USJ) in both Ain el Remmaneh and Amel Community Centres in Chiyah. Geographically intertwined and separated by the green line during the 15-years civil war, both neighbourhoods were home for sporadic armed conflicts and sectarian violence. The objective of the project was to rebuild trust and understanding among the youth in the areas through community-based dialogue and joint activities responding to economic and social needs. The dialogue was led by 5 local priests and 5 imams. Skilled inter-faith facilitators from USJ developed the curriculum for the programme and helped to guide and mentor local religious leaders and youth participants. Amel Association recruited and trained 100 young people from both areas to form 5 inter-community teams who participated in all subsequent activities together. Special efforts were made to ensure the participation of women and girls in all activities.
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Overall Objective: 
Truth-seeking and right to know
Initiative's Approach: 
Dialogue and Reconciliation
Type of Activity: 
Closed forums
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