Targeted Assassinations and Car Bombs 1991-2005

Between 1991 and 2005, while armed conflicts largely ceased everywhere except South Lebanon, targeted assassinations and car bombs went unabated in a continuing climate of impunity facilitated by the lack of prosecutions. These assassinations mainly targeted political leaders, activists, and journalists. A number took place in the
ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah; others targeted former Christian militia representatives or Palestinian political leaders. Although they occurred throughout this period, they peaked in 2005.

In contrast, there were only a few car bombs that took place in the years following the Ta’if Agreement, and some targeted political leaders. Such bombs, however, started taking place at a regular pace during 2005, together with the political assassinations listed above.

Sunday, December 1, 1991
Which are the main intervening actor?: 
Israeli army
Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri
Palestinian political leaders
Christian militia representatives