Supporting victims of enforced disappearance

Lebanese Centre for Human Rights (CLDH)
Type of Organisation: 
Launched in: 
In 2002, the Lebanese Centre for Human Rights (CLDH) supported the organization of a conference in collaboration with a regional coalition of 24 NGOs established in 2001 to deal with enforced disappearance in the region. The conference was held in Barcelona, Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco. In addition, CLDH worked on the project khitat al-a’mal lel-Ekhfa’ al-kasri(Action Plan to Deal with Enforced Disappearance), in which they supported the lobbying activity of the NGOs’ coalition working on enforced disappearance, including the Committee of Families of the Kidnapped and Disappeared in Lebanon, Support of the Lebanese in Detention and Exile (SOLIDE), Legal Agenda, Act for the Disappeared, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) for over 2 years.
Overall Objective: 
Truth-seeking and right to know
Initiative's Approach: 
Missing persons
Type of Activity: 
Closed forums
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Geographic Area: 
MENA Region