Support for civil society organizations to strengthen civil peace

Wahdatouna Khalasouna Gathering (WKG)
Type of Organisation: 
Launched in: 
Since 2009, Wahdatouna Khalasouna Gathering (WKG) has been supporting the families of the disappeared through advocacy and lobbying. Assaad Chaftari, former president of WKG, met the International Red Cross in Geneva to ask for support in providing a safe space for different leaders willing to disclose information about mass graves. In addition, WKG carries out awareness raising campaigns in schools, universities and through the media, focusing on civil peace and the civil wars. WKG uses experiences and testimonies of victims and former fighters to raise awareness among youth on the consequences of the war. Their awareness raising approach is carried out in the form of letters from the former generation, both victims and former fighters, to the post-war generations.
Overall Objective: 
Truth-seeking and right to know
Initiative's Approach: 
Missing persons
Target Group: 
Political Parties
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