Strategic Litigation and Legal confrontation for the Right to Truth

Legal Agenda
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Legal Agenda have been supporting the victims of kidnapping and enforced disappearance during and after the civil war. It has founded a litigation strategy in 2009 with the Committee of Families of the Kidnapped and Disappeared in Lebanon (CFKDL) and Support of Lebanese in Detention and Exile (SOLIDE) as well as a network of NGOs working on the same issue. Legal Agenda supported the development of ‘Law for Missing and Forcibly Disappeared Persons,’ which was proposed for the parliament. The partners made efforts to invalidate the Lebanese Government’s decision to conceal the findings of the government-appointed Commission of Inquiry in the Fates of the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared which was formed in 2000 under pressure from the families of victims. The initiative led to the decision of the State Council to recognize the families’ right to truth and forced the government to share the findings of the Commission. In addition, Legal Agenda made a supplement for the issue of disappearance in its regular magazine and website.
Overall Objective: 
Truth-seeking and right to know
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Missing persons
Type of Activity: 
Legal support
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Government Institutions
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