The A Project

Type of organisation: Local civil society organisation

Goal/Objective: The project aims to work on sexuality, while looking at but not limiting the discussion to disease-prevention and violence, but also through an affirmative and sex-positive framework, addressing people living in Lebanon.

Area of focus: Feminist thought and experiences, Reproductive health and family planning, Sexual and bodily rights, Sexual health

Sector of intervention: Awareness raising and sensitisation, Medical services, Psycho-social support

Approach: Service provision, Capacity building & Trainings, Human rights & protection

Target population: 

(1) Women in Lebanon (especially migrant, refugee, and young women) (2) Trans* persons in Lebanon

Title of current projects: 

(1) Series of MCC workshops on reproductive and sexual health and bodily autonomy (2) Addressing female refugees’ sexual & reproductive health in Shatila Camp (3) Sexuality Hotline (4) Sensitizing physicians and allied healthcare providers on sexuality, gender, the body, and privacy (5) Producing critical writing on politics of sexuality and sex positivity

Partnerships/Part of local, regional, and/or international network: 

- بسمة وزيتونة - مرسى - تعاونية الضمّة - Medicins Sans Frontiers - Asia Safe Abortion Partnership - TARSHI (Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues)

Funding structure: International funds and grants

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Name of Organisation: 
The A Project
Office Type: 
Floor number: 
Ground Floor
Kassir Building
Albert Al Khayat Street