Play: Perform Autopsy -Mashrah Watani

Zoukak Theatre Company & Cultural Association
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In 2012, Zoukak worked on a theatre performance titled ‘Mashrah Watani,’ (Perform Autopsy) in partnership with War Child Holland and aligned with Sustainable Democracy Centre (SDC)’s project “Performance for Peace”. It started as a series of workshops with SDC’s youth clubs partly focusing on history and dealing with the past. The performance had been performed for more than 50 times over the course of two years in various places across the country, aiming to provoke individuals’ embedded emotions and contradictory perceptions of history and the war. The plot symbolized the history of Lebanon in a dead corpse, long ago killed by its internal political organism, representing the dichotomy between society as a victim of a war-ridden history, and as a producer of a political class. The performance addressed controversial notions such as‘Al-Shahid, Al-Batal, Al-Qatel, Al-Shaab(respectively Martyr, Hero, Perpetrator, People) to render them to a common shared feeling of loss.
Overall Objective: 
Truth-seeking and right to know
Initiative's Approach: 
Cultural Production
Type of Activity: 
Public forums
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General public
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