Movie: The Insult

Ziad Doueiri
Type of Organisation: 
Individual initiative
Launched in: 
"The Insult" is a 2017 Lebanese drama film directed by Ziad Doueiri and co-written by Doueiri and Joelle Touma. Lebanese Christian Tony (Adel Karam) and Palestinian refugee Yasser (Kamel El Basha) exchange harsh words after Yasser tries to repair a drainpipe on Tony's balcony. The fallout leads to violence, courtroom confrontations and national attention. Each one of the two main characters is revealed to have been affected by a traumatic historical event in his youth: the Damour massacre in the case of Tony, and Black September in the case of Yasser. Moreover, there are references to Bachir Gemayel and Ariel Sharon, as prominent characters of the Lebanese civil war.
Overall Objective: 
Truth-seeking and right to know
Initiative's Approach: 
Cultural Production
Type of Activity: 
Public forums
Target Group: 
General public
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