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Migrant domestic worker raped repeatedly

Information Systems: 
Migrant Domestic Workers Information System (MDWIS)
Reporter: admin
Date of incident: 
Saturday, December 5, 2009
Detailed description of violation: 

Human Rights Watch interviewed three MDWs who claimed they were raped by their employers. All three cases show the psychological control that employers exert on domestic workers. A 32-year-old domestic worker told Human Rights Watch how on December 5, 2009, Mister came to my room and he hugged me. He told me “I want you.” I said,“No sir, it’s not good. Why you want me?” I wanted to shout but he put his hand on my mouth. I tried to push him. But I could not and he raped me. Ten days later, Madame left the house to go to a party. I go to veranda on the kitchen, and he came to veranda and raped me there. I was unable to scream. I was very afraid. After this incident, she ran away to the embassy on December 25, 2009.