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Migrant domestic worker raped and imprisoned for 2 weeks

Information Systems: 
Migrant Domestic Workers Information System (MDWIS)
Reporter: admin
Date of incident: 
Monday, September 23, 2013
Detailed description of violation: 

A third MDW also shared her story of rape. According to her, the employer’s son-in-law had offered to take her to church, but told her that he first needed to go to the gas station where he works to pick up his boss’s car. Once there, he took her to a room on the first floor where he pushed her and pulled down her pants. She kept saying, “No sir, no sir.” He touched her, saying that this was the first time he had a Malagasy woman, and then raped her. He later dropped her off at church. She informed her two sisters, who live in Lebanon. When she reported the rape to police she was asked, “What do you decide. Do you want to go to Madagascar or stay in Beirut?” She said she preferred to go to Madagascar. She was finally deported weeks later, after spending two weeks in jail because she lost her legal status in Lebanon when she left her employer. Her alleged rapist was never detained and no charges were brought against him.