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Migrant domestic worker beaten by employer

Information Systems: 
Migrant Domestic Workers Information System (MDWIS)
Reporter: admin
Date of incident: 
Monday, September 11, 2006
Detailed description of violation: 

In another case, an MDW left her employer and sought shelter at Caritas Migrant, which informed General Security on September 11, 2006, that the MDW’s employer used to beat her each time she demanded her salary, and that she consequently suffered pain in her ears. The employer answered the claim by accusing her of theft. The prosecutor did not bring any charges against the employer, and the only trial that took place was against the MDW on the theft charge, for which the MDW was eventually exonerated. While the court noted in its judgment that “the defendant suffered from the harshness of her employer and her employer owed her $1,700, which represented unpaid wages for over a year,” the prosecutor’s office did not file charges against the employer.