Meeting of Openness and Reconciliaiton -Leqa' al-Mosalaha w al-Mosaraha

Political Parties/Local Communities
Launched in: 
In 2008, the Reconciliation and Openness Meeting took place in Beit Al-Kataeb (House of Phalangists) on the anniversary of the outbreak of the civil war in Lebanon. It was attended by Lebanese and Palestinian political figures. The most prominent participants were president Amin Gemayel representing Kataeb, MP Akram Chehayeb representing the head of the "Progressive Socialist Party," MP Walid Jumblatt, Ambassador Abbas Zaki, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) representative in Lebanon, and Nadim Abdel Samad, the head of the "Democratic Left Movement". The aim of the meeting was to show unity and to confirm the end of “yesterday’s enmity and hatred” as well as the rejection of the resettlement of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, since permanent resettlement in Lebanon to Palestinians means that they would have abandoned their right to return to Palestine.
Overall Objective: 
Truth-seeking and right to know
Initiative's Approach: 
Dialogue and Reconciliation
Type of Activity: 
Closed forums
Target Group: 
Political Parties
Geographic Area: