Law 434

Lebanese Government
Type of Organisation: 
Local Government
Launched in: 
The Law 434 in 1995, issued by the Parliament, allowed families of victims of enforced disappearance to record their missing family members as legally deceased if they have been missing for more than four years. The Law offered legal procedures for the families to reclassify the status of their missing family members without any evidence of their death or examination of the whereabouts of their remains. The families of victims of disappearance regarded this law as an attempt to buy their silence which ignored the families right to know the truth and dismissed the possibility of finding missing Lebanese alive in Syrian or Israeli Prisons.
ICTJ (2014). Failing to Deal with The Past, What Cost for Lebanon? (2014).
Overall Objective: 
Justice and Non-Recurrence
Initiative's Approach: 
Amnesty and Laws
Target Group: 
Victim Groups
Geographic Area: