Law 364 : Compensation to Lebanese former detainees in Israeli prisons

Lebanese Government
Type of Organisation: 
Local Government
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Following the Israeli withdrawal from south of Lebanon in 2000, the parliament issued Law 364 in 2001 to provide financial compensations to Lebanese detainees released from Israeli prisons. Eligibility for compensation was conditioned to having a detention certificate from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which several former detainees did not hold - particularly those held in the Southern Lebanese Army’s detention centres inaccessible at the time by ICRC. The compensation indemnities were also criticized for being very low compared to the victims’ needs. Similarly, the Lebanese Forces proposed a draft law granting the same right to reparations for former detainees in Syrian prisons. The draft is still debated in the parliament until this day.
ICTJ (2014). Failing to Deal with The Past, What Cost for Lebanon? (2014).
Overall Objective: 
Initiative's Approach: 
Compensation and Restitution
Target Group: 
Victim Groups
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