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Iraqi refugee arbitrarily detained and expelled

Information Systems: 
Iraqi Refugees Information System (IRIS)
Reporter: sophie
Date of incident: 
Friday, January 1, 2010
Location's classification: 
Public Location
Perpetrator's Name(s) (If available): 
General Security officers
Text description of location: 
Jezzine prison, Roumieh prison
Detailed description of violation: 

“Ammar Al Zubeidi, 35, an Iraqi refugee detained arbitrarily for a year and a half for illegal entry into Lebanon, who was about to be resettled in a third country, was allegedly expelled to Iraq. One case
among many others…” While he was initially sentenced to one month and a half in prison, Ammar Al Zubeidi was imprisoned in Jezzine prison and then in Roumieh prison without any legal justification nor news from his family, before undergoing hell at the hands of the General Security. Imprisoned for three months in the underground cages that serve as a retention center to the General Security, Ammar Al Zubeidi had called CLDH several times, desperate and exhausted, before finally being prevented from contacting our organization. CLDH had managed to briefly meet him on April 12th in the presence of officers of the General Security. He was presenting signs of severe physical and mental deterioration, his complexion was yellow and he was confused. The UNHCR and the lawyers having no access to the detention center, he had not been informed in time that the interview for resettlement was scheduled on May 19th.