Institute of Progressive Women (IPW)

Type of organisation: Local civil society organisation

Goal/Objective: Since its inception IPW has stood for a constant basic belief: “A secular democratic Lebanon where all citizens –men and women- have equal rights and opportunities."

Area of focus: Early marriage, Gender Equity, Women’s rights

Sector of intervention: Awareness raising and sensitisation, Economic support/ livelihoods, Medical services, Social development

Approach: Development, Capacity building & Trainings, Advocacy & campaigning

Target population: 


Title of current projects: 

• Five medical centers • Vocational Training in rural • Projects with International organisations (campaign and capacity building) Projects achieved: • The Institute of Progressive Women (IPW) project “Custodial Bank Accounts – End Gender Discrimination” achieved a breakthrough in Lebanon when the first woman was allowed to open a bank account for her children in Lebanon on December 17, 2009. Funded by Amideast. • After IPW campaign the Lebanese General Security has issued new instruction aimed at bettering family relations by granting mothers and fathers equal rights as to issuance of passports and travel permits for their minor children by joint signature. Funded by MEPI.

Partnerships/Part of local, regional, and/or international network: 

- SFCG - Amideast - Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Health

Funding structure: Donations, International funds and grants, Membership fees, National funds and grants, Own funds, Volunteers contributions

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Name of Organisation: 
Institute of Progressive Women (IPW)
Office Type: 
Wata Musseitbeh
Floor number: 
2th Floor
Progressive Building
Jabal el Arab