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Indian detainee living in inhumane health conditions

Reporter: sophie
Date of incident: 
Thursday, July 15, 2010
Location's classification: 
Public Location
Perpetrator's Name(s) (If available): 
Roumieh prison
Text description of location: 
Roumieh prison
Detailed description of violation: 

On July 15th, 2010, CLDH denounced in those terms the detention in inhumane conditions of a young Indian, Sany Kumar; “Sany Kumar, a young Indian held in Roumieh for illegal entry in Lebanon is in danger of death. Having had a scooter accident, he was hospitalized two months ago, suffered multiple fractures (arm, leg and pelvis) and underwent several operations, including the installation of an external fixator at the pelvis level. He is currently held in a very dirty, overcrowded cell, his bones are likely to get infected, he cannot walk, and is losing complete mobility of his legs. For several days, he has not been eating, nor drinking, has been vomiting continuously and seems extremely dehydrated. He only seems to be receiving paracetamol for treatment purposes. Sany Kumar must be immediately transferred to the hospital, otherwise, he risks at a minimum, permanently losing the use of his legs and, at worst, losing his life.After two weeks of unimaginable suffering, Sany Kumar was finally transferred to Ryak hospital; he stayed there for two weeks on antibiotics and analgesic drip. Then he spent two more months in prison, without any legal grounds, in very difficult conditions; finally, he was repatriated to India on September 29, 2010.