Committee for the Follow Up of Women’s Issues

Type of organisation: Local civil society organisation

Goal/Objective: Eliminate all forms of discrimination against women on all levels.

Area of focus: Early marriage, Women’s rights

Sector of intervention: Social development

Approach: Capacity building & Trainings, Advocacy & campaigning

Target population: 

Women and men, all ages.

Title of current projects: 

(1) Transformative political identity for gender equality, implemented with ABAAD, supported by OXFAM. (2) Project with under-privileged women with Rene Moawad Foundation and European Union. (3) Combating child marriage (4) Lebanese women and citizenship law (5) Women in political life

Partnerships/Part of local, regional, and/or international network: 

Project based partnerships (including Rene Moawad Foundation, inernational organisations, and UN agencies)

Funding structure: International funds and grants, Membership fees

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Name of Organisation: 
The National Committee for the Follow Up of Women Issues
Office Type: 
Floor number: 
4th floor
Saab Building
Ein El Mreiseh