The Arab foundation for freedoms and equality

Type of organisation: Local civil society organisation

Goal/Objective: The Mission of the foundation is to encourage and support body, gender and sexual rights activists in the Middle East and North Africa in their work by building their capacities, funding the activists to organise and providing emergency support to activists when needed.

Area of focus: Gender Equity, LGBTIQ

Sector of intervention: Legal support, Social development

Approach: Research & documentation, Capacity building & Trainings, Human rights & protection

Target population: 

AFE supports grassroots activist groups and organizations (Regional Partners) that are working on a wide range of initiatives including human rights , gender and sexual and sexual health.

Title of current projects: 

(1) Gender and sexuality resource center (2) KOHL: Journal on gender and sexuality (3) Security and protection program (4) Emergency response (5) Capacity building program (6) M-Coalition: regional network on HIV/AIDS and Men who have sex with Men (7) Documentation of human rights abuse against LGBT individuals

Partnerships/Part of local, regional, and/or international network: 

- Regional Network on HIV/AIDS and MSN - Dignity for all: international emergency response for LGBT human rights defender - Global LGBT forum - AWID - FRIDA - CSBR: Coalition ofSexual and bodily right in Muslim societies

Funding structure: International funds and grants

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Name of Organisation: 
The arab foundation for freedoms and equality
Office Type: 
Floor number: 
6th floor
Yabeck center
Saint Louis Street