Ali Abdul Karim Ali: We don't want camps, Syrians must return to Syria

NNA - The Syrian ambassador Ali Abdul Karim Ali said, "We are against setting up camps for Syrians, as Syrians will be able to go back to their homeland, especially that Syria is a big country that can apprehend its entire people. And Syria is the wide home that can provide for the Syrian all his/her needs."

Ali's words came Friday after meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister, Jibran Bassil, who had called after Ali to discuss the issue pertaining to returning Syrians to their homeland as such issue, according to Bassil, falls in the context of disassociating Lebanon from any regional crisis.

Ali said that his country was much cooperating with the Lebanese Army, government and security forces as concerning the war against terrorism.

"We are optimistic about the blessed security activity in Lebanon that is, alas, more progressive than Lebanese politics," said Ali.

He explained that politics and security must complete each others in order ensure a good security ground in Lebanon completing the security of Syria.

"Syria and Lebanon must think in one logic, because the danger of terrorism threats all peoples of the region, not only Syria."

In this connection, Bassil called after ambassadors of the permanent members of the UN Security Council and discussed with them the displaced Syrians file, notably the possibility of setting up camps for the Syrians on the Lebanese Syrian borders.

Friday, June 27, 2014
Which are the main intervening actor?: 
Syrian Embassy in Beirut
Areas of implications (Geographical): 
Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey
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Syrian refugees in Lebanon
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Such decision might have negative implications on the Syrian refugee community in Lebanon, as return to Syria can be considered dangerous for most.