12 March 2002: Enactment of Law No. 2002-32 on the social security scheme for certain categories of workers in the agricultural and non-agricultural sector

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Law No. 2002-32 aimed at extending the social security coverage of self-employed workers. It created a new regime for small farmers and fishermen, domestic workers, and craftsmen working on a piecework basis to adapt the social coverage to the characteristics of their jobs. However, the effectiveness of this regulation has been largely put into question as it is not tailored enough for self-employed workers. According to the CRES, “the provisions of this law would be better suited to precarious waged workers who engage in mono-activity and to “fixed” self-employed persons whose income is random and irregular.” The same institution deplores the absence of a regime that integrates the constraints related to mobile work, multi-activity, irregularity of income. and casual work (CRES 2016, 31).