“Anti-prostitution” social media campaign “Al Hawa Ma Byinshara”

Date of Mouvement: 
January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014

The “anti-prostitution” campaign “Al Hawa Ma Byinshara” (“Sex/love” cannot be bought) was launched by Kafa in September 2014. According to Kafa, “prostitution” in Lebanon and globally is not a choice that women willingly make, but a form of sexual exploitation that is imposed on women. The campaign called for uncovering the violent and exploitative practices that women experience in “prostitution”, as well as human trafficking. Nevertheless, many observers and civil society actors were critical of Kafa’s approach, adopting a position that does not criminalise “prostitution”, but rather legalises and regulates it like many countries around the world that regulate sex work.