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PSP supporters protest Al-Jadeed over Jumblatt skit

Dozens of Progressive Socialist Party supporters protested in front of Al-Jadeed television’s headquarters in Moseitbeh Monday night, after a comedy skit recently aired by the network mocked PSP chief Walid Jumblatt.

“With our souls and our blood, we support you Walid,” protestors chanted. An unidentified spokesperson for the demonstration called on Al-Jadeed to uphold higher standards as a media outlet.

The skit of concern shows a puppet version of Walid Jumblatt singing a song about the politician’s decision to stand down in this year’s upcoming parliamentary elections in favor of his son, Taymour. “I handed Taymour the helm [of the party], in Taymour I am proud, I gave him management of the [parliamentary bloc], and behind him are many sheep,” the song goes.

PSP and Jumblatt have called on their supporters not to react to the skit over the last few days. There were no reports of violence or material damage as a result of the protest.

Al-Jadeed’s headquarters is reportedly just 100 meters away from a major PSP office in Wata al-Moseitbeh.

February 27, 2018
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Political Party
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Support to political leader / public figure
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Injustice/Perceived injustice
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Location on the Lebanese territory
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