Collective Action

The Progressive Socialist Party organises a sit-in in front of the Military Court in Beirut to demand justice for Alaa Abou Fakher and other protesters who were killed during October 17 popular uprising in 2019

Protesters staged a sit-in on Monday in front of the Military Court in Beirut to demand justice for Alaa Abou Fakher, who was shot and killed by an army officer during Lebanon’s October 17 popular uprising in 2019, which was caught on video, as well as for “all the other martyrs who fell in defense of public freedoms,” the state-run National News Agency reported. Six people, including Abou Fakher, have reportedly died during Lebanon’s Oct. 17, 2019 uprising which saw hundreds of thousands of protesters rally around the country and chant against the political establishment, including the PSP.

The protest was organized by the Choueifat-Khaldeh Interior Agency of the Progressive Socialist Party and the Progressive Youth Organization. MP Bilal Abdallah of the PSP’s parliamentary bloc, the “Democratic Gathering,” pointed out that, “Whoever withdrew the law on the independence of the judiciary from the Parliament’s session of the general assembly bears the responsibility for not enacting this independence.”

Claiming the indictment decision issued on April 1 stated “unintentional murder” in the case of Abou Fakher’s death, the family’s attorney Wissam Eid said, “How could the Public Prosecution — which prosecuted on the basis of intentional killing and looked mainly in support of the articles of the indictment of the intentional killing — ratify and consider the indictment as unintentional murder." Choueifat-Khaldeh Interior Agency Undersecretary Marwan Abi Faraj said that the judge is proceeding to issue today a three-year prison sentence for the accused in “a case in which the killing was deliberate and direct in front of people's eyes, documented by video and photos.” He added that the verdict “is an unfair decision against Alaa and the rights of every Lebanese citizen.”

June 6, 2022
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Political Party
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Protest of a policy/ governmental measure/ etc.
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Injustice/Perceived injustice
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Location on the Lebanese territory
One off
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Ras El Nabaa
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