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''Families of the victims of the explosion'' stage their monthly sit-in in front of the Statue Of The Immigrant in the Port to protest the obstruction of the probe and the planned demolition of the silos

وطنية - نفذت جمعية أهالي ضحايا انفجار مرفأ بيروت وقفتها الشهرية أمام تمثال المغترب - مرفأ بيروت، مساء اليوم، تحت شعار "ارفعوا أيديكم عن القضاء"، ورفع المشاركون صور الشهداء ولافتات طالبت ب"إزالة العراقيل من أمام التحقيق والإسراع في توقيف المجرمين". وتلا محي الدين اللاذقاني بيانا باسم الجمعية قال فيه: "إن هذه الأهراءات هي شاهد على مجزرتكم، فلن يتم هدمها لو مهما حاولتم قبل أن تنجلي الحقيقة ويحاسب مصاصو الدماء، لا سيما أن بعض أشلاء أهلنا ما زالت هناك  نتيجة إهمال الدولة، ولا شيء غير الحقيقة سيعوض لنا". وفي الختام، تمت إضاءة الشموع ورفعت الصلاة في توقيت الانفجار، لراحة أرواح الضحايا والشهداء.

Gathering in front of the emigrant statue to commemorate the Aug 4, 2020, Beirut port explosion, Friday, the families of Beirut port blast victims warned against attempts to hinder the investigation by not appointing judges to the plenary assembly of the Court of cassation. The families warned that they will soon resort to gathering "under the houses" of those officials who have obstructed the port blast investigation. They also denounced plans to demolish the port’s ruined grain silos, calling for new silos to be built elsewhere. Under the slogan “Hands off the judiciary,” the protestors held pictures of victims and raised banners demanding the “removal of obstacles to the investigation and the speedy arrest of criminals” responsible for the explosion. Muhieddine Ladkani, who lost his father on Aug. 4, read a statement on behalf of the families, saying the silos “are a witness to your massacre [committed by the political class]. They will not be demolished, no matter how much you try, until you uncover the truth and the vampires are held accountable,” adding that the victims’ remains are still there.” Candles were lit and prayers were offered at the time of the explosion, to commemorate the victims.

March 4, 2022
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