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Families of missing in Lebanon address elections in new campaign

“The list of disappeared in all of Lebanon” campaign was launched Friday by families of those who went missing during the Civil War, calling on electoral lists running in the upcoming elections to prioritize their cause.

The campaign was announced in a media conference held at the Gibran Khalil Gibran Garden in Downtown Beirut, coinciding with the April 13 anniversary of the beginning of the 15-year conflict.

The families are urging that a law be proposed that seeks to establish an independent national body to reveal the fate of the missing.

During the conference, a representative of the families read out the names of all the electoral lists running for the May 6 parliamentary elections and pledged that the families’ votes would go to those who prioritized the cause of missing persons.

“We won’t forget our missing, we won’t sell them,” she said, asserting that the group will not sell their votes.

The conference was organized by the “Right to Know” group, which advocates for the fates of their missing relatives to be revealed.

April 13, 2018
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