An Ethiopian domestic worker found hanged

أفادت معلومات صحفية عن "العثور على جثة عاملة منزل من الجنسية السريلنكية متدلية بحبل من القماش عند مطلع درج منزل مخدومها م. ا.ن، في بلدة طورا قضاء صور"، مشيرةً إلى ان "القوى الأمنية حضرت وفتحت تحقيقا بالحادث".

Ethiopian domestic worker commits suicide in Tyre


SIDON, Lebanon: An Ethiopian domestic worker died over the weekend in an apparent suicide in the southern city of Tyre, security sources told The Daily Star Sunday. 

The woman allegedly threw herself off a balcony of the apartment building where she worked, the sources said. 

Media reports said the woman had fled last week from her employer’s home. Security forces later detained the Ethiopian and returned her to her employer.



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