Shesera was found slaughtered in the bathroom

وجدت عاملة منزل اثيوبية تدعى ك. شسيرا (30 عاما) مقتولة في منزل مخدومتها اللبنانية ن.ب. في بلدة جرجوع - النبطية.


وبعد التحقيقات في ملابسات الحادث، تبين ان الخادمة اقدمت على ذبح نفسها بقصد الانتحار داخل غرفة الحمام في المنزل، كما لوحظ وجود طعنات في رقبتها.


Securing support to Orphans

Association for the Development of Rural Capacities

ADR activities are aimed to empower marginalized or disadvantaged individuals, groups, or communities and help them improve their living conditions.


ALPHA aims to build societies and strengthen their social cohesion so that all individuals are able to develop themselves.

Lebanese Association for Mine and Natural Disaster Action

Alleviate the impact of wars, man-made and natural disasters on victims and affected populations.

Development for People and Nature Association

Create a network between local municipalities, Syrian refugees, local citizens and other marginalized communities in rural bordered and poverty areas.


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