Najda Now International

Support the Syrian society in this overwhelming crisis it is facing from the developmental, health, and humanitarian aspects, so that it can come out of this crisis and start building a modern democratic civil state.

Makhzoumi Foundation

Empower Lebanese citizens – through improving their socioeconomic status, healthcare provisions, and environmental awareness and by encouraging their quest for education.

Hariri Foundation For Sustainable Human Development

Raising the Lebanese citizen’s economic, social and cultural situation, through reinforcing the citizens’ role in achieving sustainable human development.

Basmeh & Zeitooneh

Serving Syrian refugees and hosting Communities in Lebanon.

Care and Relief Digits

C.A.R.D’s main objective is to offer social, medical, cultural, educational and development services and where needed, and in general, every public service possible.

Lebanese Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Provide education, leadership development opportunities, and products to support quality professionals.


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