Bengali domestic worker found dead in a parking lot

Bengali migrant worker found dead in parking lot

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported today that Bengali migrant worker, Rina Boyati, aged 37, was found dead in a parking lot in Doha Aramoun (Mount Lebanon). Al-Akhbar added that the reports did not indicate any wounds or bruises on her body and that the cause of death was unknown.

العاملة البنغلادشية رينا بوياتي (37 عاماً) وجدت ميتة داخل موقف للسيارات في دوحة عرمون، لم تلفت التقارير إن ظهرت عليها آثار كدمات أو ضربة، وذُكر فقط أن أسباب الوفاة مجهولة.

 عدد السبت ٨ أيار ٢٠١٠

A falling Ethiopian dies in Shoufiet

"Falling" Ethiopian dies in Shoueifat

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported today the "fall" of Ethiopian national Ambet Spuka, born in 1987, from the 4th floor of her employer's house, Hanan S, in Shoueifat, South of Beirut. Ambet died before arriving to hospital.

A domestic worker commits suicide and the children watched

يتكرر مشهد إنتحار العاملات الأجنبيات بمختلف جنسياتهن، إلا أن ملف الحادثة غالباً ما يُطوى مع إنتهاء التحقيق الأولي وكشف الطبيب الشرعي ونقل الجثة الى براد المستشفى.

A domestic worker threw herself from the 3rd floor

On the 7th of November 2014, Derhemesh Labou died after she was seen to fall from the third floor of a building in the Chouefiat area. It remains unclear whether Labou’s death was classified as suicide or whether criminal charges were pressed.

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