Mapping of Collective Actions in Tunisia

The mapping of collective actions in Tunisia tracks mobilisations by groups of people whose goal is to achieve a common objective.

Each mapped collective action is based on a typology devised by Lebanon Support.

The objective of this database is to explore collective actions by providing accurate data and relevant information on mobilisations happening in the country.

Explore the interactive charts below the table.

Data collection for this mapping is done by Lebanon Support’s team.

Information sources: Media reports, NGO reports, aid actors reports, as well as first-hand data collected by the Lebanon Support team.

Period covered by data collection: December 23rd, 2019 - till present.

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Title Number of protestors Actors / Mobilising structures Cause/ Grievances/ Framing CA Mode of action Objective State response Location Country Datesort ascending
The Union of Judicial Officers in Medinine begins an open-ended strike to protest against the assault of an officer by a judge Workers group: Other Injustice / Perceived injustice Strike / Strike announcement Other N/A Medinine Tunisia November 2, 2021
Health workers in the governorate of Gafsa stage a sit-in outside the regional health office to demand job opportunities Workers group: Unemployed Access to socio-eco rights: Social security and protection Sit-in Demands for rights / Services N/A Gafsa Tunisia November 1, 2021
Agricultural workers stage a sit-in in Kasserine to protest against the attempted murder of the director of the Forestry Department in Kasserine Workers group: Union / Syndicate, Workers group: Agriculture workers Injustice / Perceived injustice Sit-in Other N/A Kasserine Tunisia November 1, 2021
Protestors stage a sit-in outside the building of Mahres municipality to denounce the opening of a domestic waste dumping site in their city Affected group (inc. NIMBY) Access to socio-eco rights: Environmental rights and services Sit-in Demands for rights / Services N/A Mahres Tunisia November 1, 2021
Demonstrators gather outside the Municipal Theatre in Tunis to condemn the obligation to be vaccinated and to present a health pass to access public spaces. Collective / Informal group Policy grievances Demonstration Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Tunis Tunisia October 30, 2021
Shopkeepers in Ben Gardane stage a sit-in outside the border crossing between Libya and Tunisia to protest against the traffic congestion when crossing the border to enter Tunisia Workers group: Self-employed Access to socio-eco rights: Basic rights / Services / Infrastructure Sit-in Demands for rights / Services N/A Ben Gardane Tunisia October 28, 2021
Demonstration in front of the First Instance Court of Nabeul in light of the first hearing of MP Zouheir Makhlouf to demand to speed up the trial and in support with the girl who filed the sexual harassment case against him Collective / Informal group Injustice / Perceived injustice Demonstration Solidarity with minorities (sexual; ethnic; migrants...) N/A Nabeul Tunisia October 28, 2021
Employees in the private sector in Sfax governorate march from the Tunisian General Labor Union to the Governorate building and carry out a general strike to demand an increase in wages Workers group: Union / Syndicate, Workers group: Other Corporate grievances, Access to socio-eco rights: Labour rights March, Strike / Strike announcement Reform (advocating for limited change in political; socio-economic...) N/A Sfax Tunisia October 28, 2021
Teachers in a middle school in Gafsa stage a sit-in to protest against the assault on a schoolteacher by the guardian of one of the students and demand to prosecute the aggressor Workers group: School teachers / University professors Injustice / Perceived injustice Sit-in Other N/A Gafsa Tunisia October 26, 2021
Protesters demonstrate outside Tunis 1 court of first instance in support of journalist Arroi Baraket who was assaulted by police last month but then charged with violence against the police Collective / Informal group Access to socio-eco rights: Freedom of expression and assembly Demonstration Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Tunis Tunisia October 22, 2021


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