Mapping of Collective Actions in Tunisia

Publication Date: 2019

The mapping of collective actions in Tunisia tracks mobilisations by groups of people whose goal is to achieve a common objective.

Each mapped collective action is based on a typology devised by the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action.

The objective of this database is to explore collective actions by providing accurate data and relevant information on mobilisations happening in the country.

Explore the interactive charts below the table.

Data collection for this mapping is done by the CeSSRA team.

Information sources: Media reports, NGO reports, aid actors reports, as well as first-hand data collected by the CeSSRA team.

Period covered by data collection: December 23rd, 2019 - till present.

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Title Actors / Mobilising structures Cause/ Grievances/ Framing CA Mode of action Objective State response Locationsort descending Country Date
Peaceful protesters demonstrate against the 25 July Referendum in Avenue Habib Bourguiba on the call of the Civil Coalition for Freedom, Dignity, Social Justice and Equality CSO Policy grievances Demonstration Protest of a policy / Governmental measure Repression Tunis Tunisia July 22, 2022
lawyers and representatives of organizations and parties, demonstrated in front of Tunis Courthouse to show solidarity with activist Ayachi Hammami as he faces trial after spreading false rumors. Workers group: Union / Syndicate Injustice / Perceived injustice Demonstration Support of a cause N/A Tunis Tunisia January 10, 2023
Feminist activists from several local and international NGOs march in downtown Tunis to mark the opening of the third World Women's Conference of Grassroots Women hosted by the country CSO Access to socio-eco rights: Gender equality and inclusion March Reform (advocating for limited change in political; socio-economic...) N/A Tunis Tunisia September 4, 2022
Parliament executives protest denouncing the practice of Free Destourian Party leader Abir Moussa Workers group: Public Sector Injustice / Perceived injustice Demonstration Protest of a public statement / Public representation N/A Tunis Tunisia March 19, 2021
Journalists demonstrate outside the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists in Tunis in defence of freedom of the press and to denounce growing repression and intimidation Workers group: Self-employed Access to socio-eco rights: Freedom of expression and assembly Sit-in Reform (advocating for limited change in political; socio-economic...) N/A Tunis Tunisia May 5, 2022
Tunisia's Judges Association starts a two-day strike and suspends work in Tunisian courts, in defense of the judiciary's independence and against President Saied's decision to dissolve the Supreme Judicial Council Workers group: Union / Syndicate, Workers group: Public Sector Policy grievances Strike / Strike announcement Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Tunis Tunisia February 9, 2022
Free Destourian Party activists stage a sit-in outside Tunis governorate headquarters against the July 25 Referendum Political Party Policy grievances Sit-in Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Tunis Tunisia July 23, 2022
A mass demonstration was held in Tunis on the initiative of the Tunisian General Union of Labour to denounce the violations committed by the Zionist entity in the Gaza Strip Workers group: Union / Syndicate Regional / Political grievances Demonstration Support of a cause N/A Tunis Tunisia May 19, 2021
Parents of students stage a sit-in front of the school of their children in Tunis to denounce the exacerbation of violence and to demand to secure the area, one day after the assault of a schoolgirl Affected group (inc. NIMBY) Access to socio-eco rights: Basic rights / Services / Infrastructure Sit-in Demands for rights / Services N/A Tunis Tunisia September 25, 2021
A solidarity protest was held in support of cattle farmers from the town of Olad Jaballah in the Mahdia governorate Collective / Informal group Access to socio-eco rights: Labour rights Demonstration Support of a cause Legislation Tunis Tunisia February 19, 2021


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