Mapping of Collective Actions in Jordan

Publication Date: 2019

The mapping of collective actions in Jordan tracks mobilisations by groups of people whose goal is to achieve a common objective.

Each mapped collective action is based on a typology devised by the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action.

The objective of this database is to explore collective actions by providing accurate data and relevant information on mobilisations happening in the country.

Explore the interactive charts below the table.

Data collection for this mapping is done by the CeSSRA team.

Information sources: Media reports, NGO reports, aid actors reports, as well as first-hand data collected by the CeSSRA team.

Period covered by data collection: September 1st, 2019 - till present.

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Title Actors / Mobilising structures Cause/ Grievances/ Framing CA Mode of action Objective State response Locationsort descending Country Date
Teachers stage a sit-in Zarqa in solidarity with the Teachers' Union Workers group: School teachers / University professors Policy grievances, Injustice / Perceived injustice Sit-in Support of a cause, Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Zarqa Jordan February 14, 2021
The Islamic movement in Zarqa organises a sit-in to condemn the agreement signed between Jordan, Israel and the United Arab Emirates to swap solar energy and desalinated water, to demand the government to resign, and to stop normalisation with Israel FBO Policy grievances, Regional / Political grievances Sit-in Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Zarqa Jordan November 25, 2021
Students majoring in science and technology living in Zarqa Governorate stage a march in protest against the decision of the Transport Regulatory Authority to prevent one of the transport companies from transporting students to the university and to repla Students and/or student’s unions and clubs Policy grievances March Protest of a policy / Governmental measure Cooptation Zarqa Jordan October 25, 2022
Activists from the Bani Hassan movement carried out a sit-in in Zarqa Governorate, to demand the release of political detainees. Political Party Policy grievances Sit-in Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Zarqa Governorate Jordan December 25, 2022
Dozens of Palestinians participate to a protest sit-in Zarqa refugee camp rejecting Donald Trump's "Deal of the Century" Collective / Informal group, Political Party, CSO Regional / Political grievances Sit-in Support of a cause N/A Zarqa refugee camp Jordan February 12, 2020
Drivers working on smart transportation applications (Uber, Careem, and Jenny) went on strike in Zarqa and As-Salt governorates, in solidarity with the strike of trucks and public transport. Workers group: Other Policy grievances Strike / Strike announcement Support of a cause N/A Zarqa, As-Salt governorate Jordan December 11, 2022


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