Mapping of Collective Actions in Jordan

Publication Date: 2019

The mapping of collective actions in Jordan tracks mobilisations by groups of people whose goal is to achieve a common objective.

Each mapped collective action is based on a typology devised by the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action.

The objective of this database is to explore collective actions by providing accurate data and relevant information on mobilisations happening in the country.

Explore the interactive charts below the table.

Data collection for this mapping is done by the CeSSRA team.

Information sources: Media reports, NGO reports, aid actors reports, as well as first-hand data collected by the CeSSRA team.

Period covered by data collection: September 1st, 2019 - till present.

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Title Actors / Mobilising structures Cause/ Grievances/ Framing CA Mode of action Objective State response Locationsort descending Country Date
The doctors of the emergency department of the al-Nadim Hospital go on strike to demand an increase of the medical staff for the Eid period Workers group: Healthcare workers Access to socio-eco rights: Labour rights Strike / Strike announcement Demands for rights / Services N/A Madaba Jordan August 7, 2019
A crowd of outraged Madaba citizens violated the curfew overnight to protest the missed distribution of bread by the authorities and tried to storm bakeries Collective / Informal group Policy grievances, Access to socio-eco rights: Basic rights / Services / Infrastructure Demonstration, Other Demands for rights / Services Repression Madaba Jordan March 24, 2020
The Islamic Movement organises a sit-in in Madaba in solidarity with Palestine, amid escalating tensions in the Occupied Territories Political Party, FBO Regional / Political grievances Sit-in Support of a cause N/A Madaba Jordan May 10, 2021
Students at the German Jordanian University stage a sit-in on the university campus to reject the imposition of additional fees of 900 dinars per student Students and/or student’s unions and clubs Corporate grievances Sit-in Demands for rights / Services Bargaining Madaba Jordan May 31, 2022
Nine unemployed start an open-ended sit-in in Madaba to demand job opportunities Workers group: Unemployed Access to socio-eco rights: Social security and protection Sit-in Demands for rights / Services N/A Madaba Jordan January 9, 2022
Protests erupted in the Lubb and Malih areas of Theban District in Madaba Governorate, in protest against the increase in fuel prices. Affected group (inc. NIMBY) Policy grievances Sit-in Protest of a policy / Governmental measure Repression Madaba Governorate Jordan December 13, 2022
Activists of the Bani Hassan tribe stage a sit-in to protest against the abusive enforcement of Defense Law Clan member Policy grievances Sit-in Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Mafraq Jordan October 23, 2021
Agriculture workers in Mafraq governorate stage a second sit-in after their employers did only pay them a part of the amount they owe them. Workers group: Agriculture workers Corporate grievances, Access to socio-eco rights: Labour rights Sit-in Demands for rights / Services N/A Mafraq Jordan March 7, 2022
About 25 employees of Al-Bayt University storm the president's office to demand his resignation after the rumor spread that he intended to run for a second mandate Workers group: Public Sector Corruption and/ or lack of accountability Building blockade / Occupation Protest of a public statement / Public representation Repression Mafraq Jordan September 4, 2018
Activists and family members of detainees demand their release and condemn how political activists who demand reforms and voice their opinions are constantly silenced and arrested Collective / Informal group, Clan member Injustice / Perceived injustice Sit-in Protest of a policy / Governmental measure N/A Mafraq Jordan March 4, 2022


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